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Form-World  new conception

As we known, in human society activities, preprint forms would be appear in everywhere. And most
methods to record those results of the activities is preprinted forms. It is always more directly and
effectively comparing to the others. Enterprises, schools, governments, there are a lots of preprinted
forms using in recording financial activities, academic activities, administrative activities etc. Of cause,
in order to record those activities' details, preprinted form designs are always complex.

For recording an activity, there would be many different pages of preprint forms used to describe the
activity. To fill those preprinted forms, it was always troublesome since there were no good methods
to fill preprinted forms in the computer instead of typewriting or hand writing. Further more, preprinted
form collectors are always demanding fillers to provide high quality filling in the preprinted forms,
usually are via computer process to print with office printer. Because, preprinted form collectors will
import those activity records to database for analyze.

Now, Form-World products have solved the preprint form problem between collectors and fillers.
Form-World products provide Visual Fill Form Editor instead of typewrite or hand writing. They also
provide the SSDB² to store preprinted forms or capture preprinted form data imported to the SSDB.

SSDB (Synergy Software Database) is a Form Library Database. It can merge preprinted forms from
an enterprise/school/government into several Form Library. Each preprinted form page (records) can
be stored in Form Library Database. A Form Library Database can store great variety of preprinted
forms and also the form pages (records) data.

SSDB benefits are:

1.   Database compress rate¹ is linear, countable. For example, assume: a preprint form   
(A4 size) original image (JPEG format) size 400KB. In the preprint form all need to
store Text size 1KB (usually less this). So the compress  rate=400/1.
2.   Database compress rate is much greater than PDF. The details are in Form-World
User  Manual (download trial version)
3.   Can instead of hardcopy documentation management, because it has big compress
rate and with visually view documentation.
4.   Visual edit preprinted form pages (records), is directly and popularly.
5.   Visual input/output preprinted form from/to database, is effectively
6.   Data types are simplify, only with Text, Number, Image.
7.   Use SSDB engine can down load or link from/to third party database, data types will
automatically convert to SSDB data type.
8.   Third party application platform adopts it as middle-ware, can decrease capital

Today, database research and development have become more and more.....  But the people working
in are system analyzers (professionals) only. Because complex database structures and data types
may not be acceptable to non-professional customer. In addition, the final database management
goal is to render a table, and the table data will be put on a customize form, vice versa. The procedure
could invoke the system administrators, system analyzers and the programmers.

Form-World is to provide a direct and effective solution that replaces those complex methods. We
develop up to 512PB
size of Form Library Database in order to satisfy our customers' requirements.
We are grateful for you to be interested in Form-World. We thanks for our customer who adopt
Form-World solutions.

1.    Database compress rate=Original Data size/Store Data size.
Original Data: To be store original information data.  
Store Data: The actual data store in media
2.    SSDB : Synergy Software Form Library Database