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Form-World    Relational Form Database Application Development Platform
With Relational  Database (SSDB)
Form-World     Form-World Relational Forms Database Application Development Platform,(Hereinafter referred to as
Form-world platform), It is a unique and complete software application development platform and comes with a relational
form database. The  platform allow user to use all of kind the preprint forms as the object of development,  to build up an
application system without programming language. it allow customization solution to meet your needs, after the completion
of the system, you can still be modified to add, expand or upgrade your application management system in any time, or can
also be repeatedly developed to meet the needs of enterprise's change development.

Form-World Platform provides dual service server,one of them is Web Service( cloud-ready information platform for
external management, another one is Client/Server Service (vie Internet )for internal management. both of them are
sharing the same one SSDB database.

“As much as 85% of business processes depend on forms, and electronic counterparts eForms can
yield significant savings over paper in design, development, production, inventory, delivery, data
quality and integration, as well as reduce the time and effort associated with paper intensive

(Source: Gartner E-Forms Ripe for Greater Adoption, Fuelling Overall Content Management Growth - May 11, 2006)


A  Form Filler editor function:

  • Can use preprinted form as a screen background then fill data(text/number/image) on the background .

  • The preprinted form can be BMP, GIF, JPEG/JPG/JPE/JFIF, TIFF/TIFPNG and PDF format files. PDF filler only in
    Customize version.
  • Can use different fonts style, font size, font alignment (left / right /center/justify), font rotation, font color in all text field;

  • When you drag drop preprinted form on screen background, the software has automatically created match printing
    layout and SSDB.

  • Can select partial or all field drag/drop to any position, format field copy/ properties/delete field with vertical array
    database records.

  • Can define vertical array (database records) show on a form.

  • Field edit box can edit text on single line or multi-line. Field type can be text/image/number,number formats can with
    currency symbol of international.

  • Also with general edit functionality, copy/paste/cut and so on.

B.   Can surprint all field data(text/image) on preprinted form in high quality.

C.   With + - X / tools bar, you can define calculation formula in all number field.  Calculations are automatically,
 and fill the result to the field what your definition.

D.   Can capture data from peripheral and then import to preprinted form and SSDB.


A.   SSDB data compression rate is much greater than PDF, it is greater than 4 times. The details
      analyzer reports see Form-World User Manual in download trial version.

B.   Form-world platform can download or link other database data to fill preprinted form fields  for
      examples: Oracle, MS SQL, Access, Excel, dBase II/III/IV/V etc.   

C.  The preprinted form filler With form library database(SSDB), the form library database(SSDB)
      can be up to 1024X512PB in the Professional Edition.

D.   Form-world platform Provide third-party interface as middleware.  For example:  WOSA/XFS, ERP,
      POS, the third party application  data stream are via Form-World to/from peripheral.

E.   SSDB with Multi-User password and Audit management.

F.   Multi-Channel Workflow Management and Multi-Level Approval Management .

G.   Multi-Project and Project Group Management  and Multi Group Member Access Right Control.

1). Apply to all Small and Middle( SME) enterprises for integrated management. For example: ERP, CRM, HR,
 Project Management , Workflow & Approval, Accounting , DMS, KM etc.

2). Source code is unnecessary in migration processint. Enterprise Migrates its original application
     systems (including data and screen layouts ) protal to Form- World  Platform without any source code.

3).  No requirement for IT knowledge and programming skills,  User can use copy & paste
functionality to easily
 build or make change of his/her own database anytime to fulfill ever changing business needs .

4). Significantly save SDLC (Software development life cycle) costs and grows with your business

Hong Kong Synergy Software Co., Ltd. was established in 2004.  Company major business is in R &
D  and produce series products of relational form database and application development platform.
This unique product is named as : Form-World Platform (SSDB). Form-World platform database
creation method, has received U.S. patents(No. US8051107).

We will  continues to focus on research and development (R&D) to deliver increasingly innovative
products to customers .
Copyright © 2005-2016, by Hong Kong Synergy Software Company Limited , All right reserved
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